Scheduled Rides in Athens: Reach Your Destination Safely and on Time

scheduled rides in Athens

Scheduled Rides in Athens:  Reach Your Destination Safely and on Time

How many times have you reached a place not knowing what to do next? How many times have you found yourself desperately waiting for a taxi at the airport or station of a foreign country or trying to understand how the local means of transport work? How many times have you been late to a meeting or an event because you could not find a way to get there? To make sure that you will not face the same problems during your stay in Greece, you can have scheduled rides in Athens through DriveMeApp, our easy-to-use mobile application that provides you with private transfer services of high quality at the tap of a button.

Scheduled rides in Athens for business purposes

Whether you are visiting Athens for business purposes or you are a business representative in Greece looking for ways to facilitate your foreign visitors with their transportation in Athens, we have a set of services for your every need:

  • Schedule a ride to a meeting

Punctuality is one of the most important characteristics for a business person and it is absolutely required at business meetings. Schedule a ride to your meeting location and our licensed drivers will make sure that you reach your destination on time. To make an even better impression, choose one of our luxurious vehicles, arrive at your meaning in comfort and boost your confidence.

  • Pamper your foreign visitors

If you have foreign visitors coming to Greece in order to visit your company and have a meeting with you, there is no better way to treat them than schedule a ride from the Athens airport to their place of accommodation. To make things even easier for them, you can schedule a ride from their hotel to your meeting location. Release them from the trouble of looking for a way to commute and make a great first impression.

  • Have an excursion with your team

Going on an excursion with your business team is a great way for all the members to bond as a team. Book our mini bus and plan a daily excursion to nearby getaways. Show your appreciation to your fellow colleagues with a day full of relaxing activities.

  • Schedule a ride for your clients

If you are a hotel owner why not add take advantage of DriveMeApp and our scheduled rides in Athens to offer your clients a full experience of Greek hospitality? Schedule a ride from the airport and let your clients have a luxurious transportation to your hotel. Do they ask about transportation means during their stay there? Schedule a ride for them through DriveMeApp 24/7 and rest assured that they will have the excellent treatment they deserve.

Get to know Athens in all its glory

If you are on vacation in the Greek capital, make the most out of your time here by pre-booking your rides. Enjoy your holidays to the fullest without searching for transportation means and driving in a foreign country.

  • Airport scheduled rides

Schedule a ride from/to the Athens airport or Piraeus port and one of our professional chauffeurs will be waiting for you at the time and location you have set to transfer you safely to your destination. Are you traveling in a group? Then book our mini van or our mini bus and enjoy your ride without being separated from your fellow travelers.

  • Point-to-point transfers

Have an effortless tour in Athens by scheduling point-to-point rides to the places you would like to visit. Take advantage of our mobile application to release yourself from the stress of looking for a way to reach the worth-visiting landmarks of the city.

  • Experience Athens by night safely

The Greek capital is renowned for its nightlife. Get an idea of what it is like to have fun the Greek way by scheduling a ride to the most popular bars and clubs of the city. Have the time of your life and don’t worry about returning to your hotel even late at night. Our chauffeurs are available 24/7 to transfer you safely to your place of accommodation.

Make a great impression at every event

Have you been invited to a special event? Or are you getting married? Whatever event you are about to attend, our scheduled rides guarantee you will arrive there in maximum comfort and luxury. Schedule a ride, pick your preferred vehicle and our team of professionals will make sure you will reach your destination on time, looking your best self.

Download DriveMeApp now on your Android or iOS device and discover all the possibilities our scheduled rides in Athens open up for you!

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