Things to check before you order a taxi in Mykonos

order a taxi in Mykonos

Getting around an unknown place can be pretty frustrating at times. Becoming acquainted with the local public transportation or driving a rental vehicle on unfamiliar roads can cause much stress and disappointment, which do not belong together with the relaxation you expect during your vacation. Hiring a taxi is always a good idea to save you time and frustration, however there are still a lot of things that can go wrong when riding a taxi as a tourist. A little preparation before you order a taxi in Mykonos, will ensure that you will have a safe and pleasant experience during your ride.

Checklist for a safe taxi ride

There are multiple ways to get a taxi in Greece. You can hop on one in a taxi rank, hail one on the street, call a taxi company or use a taxi app. You may have your own reasons preferring one way or another, but for your maximum safety we would not recommend hailing a taxi on the street, since this option does not allow for you to check the taxi driver and the company beforehand. But what factors should you consider before ordering a taxi? Here is a short checklist to have in mind:

  • Licensing
    Legitimate taxis have a professional license to prove that they comply with the respective governmental requirements, so you know that your safety is not at risk. Usually licensed taxis have a sticker clearly visible on their window, but you can also confirm that your taxi is licensed by checking the company’s website.
  • Services offered
    Not all taxis have the necessary equipment for every need, so if you have a specific service in mind, such as pet transfer, wheelchair seatings or baby seats, you should check the services various taxis offer to book the one that best suits your needs.
  • Reviews
    Before ordering a taxi in Mykonos, check the reviews online. The experience of other passengers can be valuable in helping you avoid a negative experience.


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Look into Mykonos taxi prices to avoid being overcharged

Unfortunately, tourists are considered to be an easy prey when it comes to overcharging taxi services, since they are not familiar with the distances and the pricing rates. Taxi prices in Mykonos are no exception. Here are some things you can do before you order a taxi in Mykonos to avoid being overcharged:

  • Inquire locals about the expected cost for a specific ride
    You can ask at your hotel reception or any other neutral source to get informed about the expected price of a specific ride and about any other charges (such as, luggage transportation, night fares etc.).

  • Make sure that the taxi meter is on
    Ensure that the taxi driver turns the taxi meter on as soon as you get on the taxi.
  • Check the route on a map
    This way you can avoid being transferred to your destination via the largest route that would end up in you being overcharged.
Mykonos taxi prices

Order a taxi in Mykonos through DriveMe App

Do all the above sound like a lot of work to do during your vacation? Don’t worry! With DriveMe App you can save valuable time and energy, since it has been designed to provide you with all the necessary information you need at the touch of a button.

Schedule a private taxi ride or order one on demand, choose the vehicle and driver of your preference, view the route, the estimated cost and the duration of your ride and finalize your order after you have approved these. Can you think of a better way to have total control of your taxi ride?

Download the app now,Apple Store & Google Play for free on your mobile device and order a taxi in Mykonos. Let our professional chauffeurs transfer you safely to your destination while you enjoy a comfortable and carefree ride.

DriveMe App, best Mykonos taxi app

You make the decision to visit Mykonos, we make sure you have an unforgettable time!


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    we had a very nice transport on our vacation always on time their drivers very pleasant and with the best prices On the island … download the DriveMeApp !!!

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      Thanks Mike

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